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Welcome to Round Yard Rocking Horses


Roundyard Rocking Horses came about after we had made a rocking horse for our first grandchild. I remembered the old one that was in my family when I was a child and I had always wanted to have a rocking horse for when the grand kids came along. After we made our first rocking horse it created much interest to visitors and one of them was our farrier. He was at our place to trim our little miniature horse"s hooves and came to look at the rocking horse and as he and his wife were expecting theyre first child, he asked if we would be able to make him one. We were abit stunned but said ok and that order was the first of many over the following years.

Rocking Horses are a time honoured toy and have been around for years and many families have been lucky enough to still have they're original horse which has been handed down through generations. It is amazing when we have our horses at markets and such, the change that comes over the faces of people when they spot them and the stories that follow


We often are asked why do we make Rocking Horses and it's the smiles they bring to many faces that is the reason. They simply are a wonderful toy that bring about many childhood memories of years gone by and the new memories they are about to be apart of


Apart from making Rocking Horses we also restore them and have bought many old horses back to life. No matter theyre age, rocking horses are well worth being restored for future generations