3 Day Carving Class

A few times a year we hold our carving classes where you will take a fully blocked up STANDARD size rocking horse and carve it and also fit it out. and we will be there to assist you through this journey.


As the course is for 3 days you will be kept busy the whole time but this class is not beyond anyones ability. On the first day we will run through a safety demonstration where you will be shown exactly how to use the tools and then we will be carving, but will stop for Morning tea and also lunch at around midday each day.


It is great to see everyone feeling comfortable and happy with theyre progress, your confidence will grow after the first couple of hours. We will have a BBQ dinner on the Friday or Saturday night as abit of a "chill out and relax" time and on the Sunday afternoon you will be taking home your wonderful rocking horse.


The Class cost is $1700 which includes full use of all tools, safety gear, a blocked up horse and stand, everything needed to fit your horse out, morning tea, lunches and BBQ dinner. We do ask for a $350 deposit be paid when booking as we cannot just hold you a spot and there is no refund for changing your mind. We will however place you in another class if this helps.


On a special note we have just decided to add our MEDIUM rocking horse to the classes. This means you will have the option of carving either the STANDARD or MEDIUM size horse,,keeping in mind the MEDIUM horse can have either the English saddle or WESTERN saddle fitted to it . The CLASS COST for the medium horse is $2400 as it is a larger horse with a $500 deposit required at time of booking. There is no brow band included for the classes as this is a signature item of our own horses.


****Please Note All Classes Must Be Paid For 1 Month Prior To Your Class Date. If For Some Reason You Change Your Mind And Decide You Don't Want To Do The Class Then We Can Only Refund Half Your Deposit. If You Need To Change Your Date Then We Will Place You Into Another Class.

3 Day Carving Class

Jack, Sharon and Mick all very proud of their work

3 Day Carving Class

A fine job done by Mick in our class