Medium Rocking Horse

Custom rocking horse medium.

Customer supplied us with old recycled Australian Red Cedar Timber.

Medium rocking horse with Apoloosa” lace blanket” on rump.

Our first "Appie" donated to Paradise Lagoons Ladies Luncheon in 2016 and his winner was very excited to be taking him home

Medium Australian Red Cedar

Medium Apoloosa

Medium Palomino

Medium Red Cedar

MEDIUM with ENGLISH saddle. This sized rocking horse can take either the English or Western saddles

MEDIUM PAINTED. This rocking horse was a custom order iin which the customer came to us with a photo of a real horse and asked if we could make her a rocking horse like it. His mane and tail are true to the photo of the real horse and it took a couple of treatments from the hair dresser to get his mane and tail as white as we could. He was painted using a 2 pack paint as well as lacquer to give him a beautiful hard, long wearing finish

Donated Rocking Horse

This MEDIUM rocking horse was donated to the Rockhampton Regional Council and was made using BUNYA PINE timber from the Gardens. In 2015 Cyclone Marcia came barrelling along our coastline and slammed into Yeppoon causing a huge amount of damage and then made a bee line for Rockhampton. One of the places it hit was the gardens and she cut a huge path through it, destroying about 12 of these tree's. That had once stood in an avenue into the Gardens and were planted around 1873 when the gardens first started, so as you can imagine they were massive. We tendered for some of the tree's and donated this horse to the Council as a reminder of the once big beautiful trees. He has since been moved to the Southside Library in Rockhampton and has had many children ride him and we have been informed by a customer who saw him that there is always a line up of kids ready to take theyre turn on him. He has been named STORMY