We can bring your old rocking horse back to life and have had the pleasure of restoring many that would have been considered "throw away" because of they're poor condition. From the time your bring your horse to us, we can take up to 18 months to complete the job as these old horses require a tremendous amount of work, which we fit in and around are other commitments.


At the end of the restoration we will present you with a small photo album of the progress of work that has gone into your horse which is a great momento to keep. Please contact us for further enquiries and pricing.


BEFORE. The maker of this little horse is unknown but he is about very early 1950 and needed some attention. His timber was very very dry and cracked, one because of his age and two, he had also come from a very hot dry climate out West.

AFTER. He came up perfectly and must admit that we think he is just so cute. He is only a small horse but we think he had loads of character after his restoration and his owner was so surprised and happy to see him looking gorgeous once again. This little fella had many admirers and is a good exampe of how old horses can come back to life

1954 ROEBUCK. This little fella's timber condition wasnt too bad and had the usual wobbly legs

AFTER. The same 1954 ROEBUCK after all the hard work had been done. His owners were delighted with him

EARLY 1950's ROEBUCK rocking horse. This fella was in a bad way and had been found under an abandoned farm house and had been with his owner for over 30 years. He required quite alot of work as can be seen by his condition

AFTER Early 1950's ROEBUCK rocking horse. His owners were really blown away by his new look and were so pleased they had him restored for the new generation of little riders. When we presented them with the album of photo's showing the progress of work they were amazed. This little guy will be loved and cherished for many years to come